Service description

Express Tuition Ltd (Service provider) will provide supplementary tuition (i.e. in English, Maths, Science) in collaboration with key staff at the school (Service user) to Year-9, Year-10 or Year-11 students in preparation for their GCSE Exams.

1. Our Responsibilities:

Express Tuition Ltd will be commissioned by the School to:

  • 1.1 offer supplementary classes to a minimum 12 students per class based on outcomes and impact on a certain number of Saturdays (Minimum 4);
  • 1.2 provide suitably qualified replacement staff in the case regular staff are unavailable. Failure to attend will result in a proportionate reduction in cost;
  • 1.3 ensure the support of one Achievement Coordinator, who will provide one-to-one support to students in coordination with the classroom teacher and track students’ progress through administering past exam papers during the school time and Assessment period);
  • 1.4 provide a weekly online progress report card for each pupil to the Headteacher or designated member of the SLT;
  • 1.5 ensure every member of its staff have gone through the DBS checking process successfully thereby meeting the requirements to work in schools;
  • 1.6 provide all necessary administrative support in providing the programme;
  • 1.7 Provide a single point of contact to the school who is authorised to negotiate and agree any unforeseen and necessary adjustments to the programme including staffing.

2. The School’s Responsibilities:

In order for the above services to be delivered, the school will:

  • 2.1 provide us with access to IT facilities to allow the use of interactive boards in the classrooms;
  • 2.2 have at least one member of school staff available on the day to assist with the management of students;
  • 2.3 provide a single point of contact who is authorised to negotiate with the Headteacher and agree any unforeseen and necessary adjustments to the programme including staffing;
  • 2.4 provide an administrative assistant to support with students’ attendance;
  • 2.5 photocopy relevant material provided by our teachers for use in the teaching sessions;
  • 2.6 provide classrooms for teaching and assessment;
  • 2.7 ensure the regular attendance of students for this programme to achieve the highest impact on each student’s attainment;
  • 2.8 pay the agreed amount of this service in advance.

3. Organisation of students:

  • 3.1 TBC

4. Calendar

  • 4.1 TBC
  • 4.2 Extra sessions can be added with the consent of both parties and will be charged separately.

5. Costs

  • 5.1 Express Tuition Ltd will provide the above services and be paid the agreed sum in advance.
  • 5.2 All fees are nonrefundable as long as the service has been provided as described above.
  • 5.3 The predicted results of the students may not always be achieved at the real exams. In that case, the school cannot claim any refund or compensation from Express Tuition Ltd.
  • 5.4 If the lessons cannot be provided due to bad weather conditions, electricity cuts or school closure, which are beyond the provider’s control, a refund cannot be claimed.

6. Termination

  • 6.1 Express Tuition Ltd provides its services based on an advance payment policy which means even if the services are terminated by the school, the fees will stay nonrefundable.
  • 6.2 Express Tuition Ltd has the right to terminate the full contract or part of it, if our staff is bullied or harassed or if we come across badly managed discipline issues among participating students. Express Tuition Ltd will then keep the payment for the provided sessions and then partially refund the amount for the future sessions to the school after deducting a proportionate admin fee.