Express Tuition offers extended learning opportunities to disadvantaged children and ESOL, employability, and training sessions for their parents as well as our contractors. We aim to ensure that all learners at our centre are being offered a real learning experience where they can be heard as an individual. Our main objective is to teach people the skills they need to reach their full potential and strengthen their confidence.

Primary beneficiaries of our organisation are vulnerable migrant people who come from challenging circumstances, low-income families, NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training), and learners who are struggling in traditional education.

We have a proven track record of engaging children and young people as well as parents/adults suffering from challenges such as being new in the country, having a language barrier and feeling isolated and we try to generate income to support the sustainability of our social enterprise to help our beneficiaries, reduce their anxiety, improve emotional wellbeing, help positive character development and skill building in addition to preventing poor mental health.

You can find our services below:

  1. Employability Training
  2. First Aid Traning
  3. Free ESOL Course
  4. Keep Fit and Well!
  5. The Kickstart Scheme Application
  6. Interpreting & Translation
    • We help individuals and organisations in terms of their Interpreting and Translation needs via our experienced team.
  7. 11+ Summer Booster
  8. GCSE999
    • GCSE Support Programme for Secondary Schools
  9. Finding subject teachers (English, Maths, and Science). We can find the right teacher for you today. 
  10. Ofsted Application support to help parents pay through childcare vouchers.
  11. A new website for your organisation with all the services and functions you need (Contact us for bespoke support).
  12. Please get in touch with us so that one of our team members can arrange a phone call, online meeting or a visit.

We have other services and programmes generously funded by the listed trusts and foundations on our home page supporting our cause and they are usually for disadvantaged people who need support in various areas to overcome the challenges in their lives. If you have not already been invited by our professionals or volunteers to take part in such an activity and if you feel that you are eligible to benefit from a funded programme please get in touch with a member of staff using our contact details and we will do our best to find out what you need and how we can help you depending on eligibility and availability.