Kickstart Scheme – Terms and Conditions

Once we send the kickstart application to DWP on your behalf, your costs which will be paid from the allocated grant, payment timetable, and amendment requests will be as follow:


We will be delivering accredited online employability training. Your new kickstart employees will have their own tutor and interaction will be online. This will ensure that you meet the requirements of the DWP for employability support and you will be able to pay for this alongside our additional admin costs (£500) out of the total initial grant of £1,500.

DWP Payment timetable

Following the receipt initial payment (£1,000 after costs) there is a delay in the DWP issuing the wage reimbursement, it may take them a minimum of 6 weeks to get the first payment to you therefore you should make sure you are happy to pay at least the first month and possibly the second-month wages prior to receiving the reimbursed wages.

You can find the payment details below:

Instalments Grant sum payable Payment date/milestone
1st payment One £1000 (after costs) payment per Participant for set-up and support costs. On confirmation to DWP’s satisfaction that the Participant has started employment with the Grant Recipient.
2nd payment One sixth of the Total Grant minus the first instalment. Paid in arrears – on confirmation that Participant paid through pay-as-you-earn tax (PAYE) for the first month. This payment is expected to be in or around the 6th week of the job.
3rd to 7th payments Each payment is one sixth of the Total Grant minus the first instalment. Paid in arrears – approximately every month after the 2nd payment on confirmation that Participant paid through PAYE for the previous month.

Send us any amendments

Some employers have asked for large numbers of vacancies, so if in view of the above you wish to amend or reduce the number of vacancies you are offering or amend your application in any other significant way please let us know urgently otherwise we will assume you are happy for your details to be included in our application.