The Kickstart Scheme Application

Before you fill out the form, you can check the Kickstart Employer Guide here.

Part 1: Company Information and Contact Details

Education, Construction, Finance, Law, IT, Retail etc.

Part 2: Kickstart Vacancy Details

Part 3: Confirm that Jobs are New

Jobs must be new to be eligible for the kickstart scheme.

For explanation and evidence to demonstrate that roles are new, please refer to the guidance here

Part 4: How can your Organisation help develop Employability Skills of Young People?

For the support you will provide for the development of the trainee’s employability skills, please refer to the guidance here.

It can be paid from the allocated training budget by the government. Typical training: CV writing, interview techniques, Safeguarding at work, Customer relations etc.

Part 5: Financial Contact(s) & Information (for processing payments)

Authorised Signatory