How to cope with lockdown heat

How to cope with lockdown heat

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• – ice cream
• Cold showers
• Thin clothes
• Cut hair/tie up
• Ice packs
• Stay in shade
• Use sun cream – were all going to be hot but at least make sure your safe. My favourite is sun cream –

5 Tips to handle the heat

Have you guys have been wanting to rip of your skin in this heat? Me too. Read this blog to make sure you don’t become a red tomato.

1. Hair cut/tie up
What I found out works best for us long haired girls and boys is to chop it all of. Trust me. This is the best way to fix your damaged hair and heat problem with one stone. You might miss your hair but you can try a new look and lets be honest, it will probably even be grown out by the time lockdown is finished. Just do it. Ok, but if you can’t, at least you should tie up your hair. This will mean you can keep your gorgeous hair and not melt at the same time. You might even want to think about shaving your head, it allows air to circulate on your neck (or even head!)

2. Cold showers
During the hard times of corona and this heat, it is best to keep clean and non-sweaty. The obvious best way to do this is by taking showers, but by showers I mean cold ones. This can make you get colder to avoid the heat or being stinky. Also, you should take showers to be hygienic anyway, this should just help you solve 2 problems at a time. If you can’t be bothered to take a shower, then you can even get a bucket of ice water and dip your feet in it.

3. Ice cream
Being stuck at home all day, all I want to do is eat. I’m sure many of you can agree with me so what should we do. I can think of one thing. ICE CREAM. One of my all times favourite brands is This ice cream can delight your hot summers day with one taste. It feels like your sitting on clouds with no care in the world about any of your problems.

4. Light and thin clothing
Now that its summer time, it’s the time to wear thin light clothes. Its time to get your summer clothes out and put winter ones again. You can wear shorts and short sleeve tops that are thin and light coloured – who says you can’t be fashionable and practical at the same time. Dark colours absorb the sun more than light colours which could make you hotter.

5. Sun cream
One of my all time favourite lifehacks is to stay in the shade. Inside or outside there’s always shade. It keeps you cool but you can still go outside and enjoy the view. But, if you must go outside, at least be safe. My most recommended product is the sun cream by Nivea – you can find this here During these difficult times, you must not forget to protect your skin. I mean, do you want to look like a red tomato?

In conclusion, these days are very rare in the UK so it is good to enjoy them but make sure you are safe but happy. Make sure you drink lots of water and put of sun cream but most importantly, ENJOY YOUR SUMMER! So, comment down below what you are going to do to stay safe and have fun!

Written by Nihal Sever, GCSE student, on 27/06/20

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