Mock Exam Day Checklist

Contact details Ensure your contact details are correct, especially any emergency telephone number(s).
Registration Please arrive 20 mins before the exam to sign in.
Health Provide any relevant medical information, e.g. if your child has an allergy or is asthmatic.
Getting to the venue on time Check the location of venue and schedule. (Details are emailed one week prior to the exam). Leave plenty of time for your journey and check travel information. If you are running late on the date of the exam, please do not telephone us to notify us as the exam will commence promptly in any case.
Dropping off and collection Please ensure that you arrive on time to register and collect your child at the advised times.
Student preparation Ensure your child has had a reasonable meal before the exam. Ensure they have visited the toilet prior to registration. Your child should bring the following:

  • refreshments for the break should include a clear bottle of water and light snacks
  • a pencil case with at least two sharpened pencils and a rubber
  • analogue watch for calculating finish times

Note: Calculators and mobile phones are not permitted.